We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19 and have many questions, specially those in healthcare.

  • What are the problems in LTC (Long Term Care) Settings?
  • How can PTs and other health professionals help?

LTC settings had been hit hard during COVID-19, now the second wave is here. We know #1 problem is the immediate death that our grandparents are facing, but the solution to shut them off society comes with consequences.

A year ago, I would have had to ask you to imagine how hard isolation is to do, but I am sure most of us now have experienced the frustration and difficulties of keeping away from loved ones and from other people. It is very difficult for all of us not to just want to go visit friends, have dinners or drinks like we used to. Now add to that the fear and anxiety that some elderly have from going outside just to do grocery shopping during this time.

Isolation, depression, anxiety are all becoming too common during 2020 due to the lack of social interaction. This is on top of other restrictions like gyms, community centers, limitation of face-to-face care. This has taken a toll on our elderly and their health. SO WHAT CAN WE DO?

Luckily physiotherapists and other healthcare workers are finding new ways of delivering care and continue to provide treatment. For example, delivering care through internet based care, or delivering new ways to keep people interested and engaged in exercising are just of the ways physiotherapy is evolving. We know that exercises and movement improves both mental and physical health!

As a physiotherapist we are well positioned to create, innovate, and deliver these exercises and rehabilitation programs to LTC.

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